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Description: OSDBuilder has become a very popular solution to customize and maintain WIM files (install.wim, WinPE, and WinRE), and procure Office updates. Do you need to manage Features on Demand, Language Packs, APPX packages, Unattend.XML files, and other aspects of image maintenance? This PowerShell solution has a lot of features that offer a wide variety of automation for the OSD admin. Getting started with OSDBuilder can be a little intimidating, and this session will help the novice get started, as well as the advanced user to be more proficient. What you will learn:
  • How to automate the modification and updating of all of your WIM files
  • Easily download monthly Office updates
  • How to handle Features on Demand, Language Packs, Windows Features, and more
  • How to handle adding drivers to WinPE and Install.WIM
OS Deployment Expert, Baker HughesDavid is an OS Customization and Deployment Expert for Baker Hughes, a GE company. When not in his office in The Woodlands, Texas, David spends his time with his beautiful wife and two boys.While everyone sleeps, David finds time to work on and creating PowerShell updates... Read More
Principal Consulting Engineer, CDWConfigMgr, Autopilot, OSD, Star Trek, Cross Stitch